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 Skye is one of the top locations (if not the top), in Scotland to visit. It is famous for its scenery and mystical landscapes that leave you speechless. The island is steeped in history and nostalgia from "Bonnie Prince Charlie" and Highland castles, to fossils and coral beaches.

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Dunmara lies just off the main north/south road in a central location on the island and its location means its an ideal base from which to experience a magical holiday.


The Island of Skye is 50 miles long and the largest of the Inner Hebrides. The capital is Portree. Villages in the north of the Island include Dunvegan, Edinbane, Staffin and Uig. Notable villages in the south of Skye include Broadford, Armadale, Carbost, Torrin, Elgol and Kyleakin. All of these settlements can easily be reached from Dunmara.

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